The Lima Orchid Show

By Harry Zelenko

Manolo - photo by Harry Zelenko

The smart Orquidaria exhibit with graphics designed by Manolo Arias.

From October 30th to November 2nd of 2009, the orchid show in Lima, Peru, although limited to only handful of exhibitors, had a great deal to offer aficionados including a bevy of species and a superb group of hybrids. Lima is a huge city and fortunately, the show was held close to where we were staying. The building was unique with only one major problem. It was actually an open pavilion and to enclose the space, a white fabric was hung around the perimeter. This made it difficult to produce good photographs in many instances because of “back-lighting” . In front of the fabric “wall” were plants exhibited by the orchid clubs of Lima as well as individual orchid growers on long benches. Many hundreds of orchids filled the tables; many genera as well as hybrids were shown.

The very special exhibit designed and produced by Manolo Arias of Orquidaria offered a spectrum of color with large hybrid cattleyas as well as many other genera and hybrids, all arranged artfully. This stand was, by far, one of the most elegant the writer has seen anywhere, with Spanish moss covering all of the construction material and pots.

Between these stands in island exhibit was a small group of warm-growing orchids most of which were from the north of Peru by Karol Villena of AgrOriente of Moyobamba. Adjoining her exhibit was a small but choice stand installed by Alfredo Manrique for the Peruvian Orchid Club.

There was judging with a large group from the American Orchid Society. The show was graced with the appearance of Carlos Fighetti, President of the AOS. The best in show was awarded to Manuel Morán for a spectacular Cymbidium Adelaide with many, many spikes and more than 100 flowers. The plant was a centerpiece of a large presentation of rare and beautiful orchids, both species and hybrids, all beautifully grown, and was also voted the best exhibit of the show.

Cymbidium Adelaide - photo by Pablo Bermudez

Manuel Morán’s spectacular Cymbidium Adelaide was the orchid selected by the AOS for the Best in Show award.

Two other exhibits featured a huge number of fine orchids that filled the spaces and filled the eye were made by Boniplant Oquideas. There was an impressive set of tables with flower arrangements judged by the National Garden Association and all of the arrangements included orchids in a variety of creative formats. Speeches by experts rounded out the event. A show in Moyobamba was held the weekend following the Lima show. Viva Peru!