May announcements
The orchid world has lost a number of notable contributors recently.
Broughtonia sanguinea var. alba; grown by Hamlyn Orchids
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Taiwan Expo Closes
P> The Taipei International Flora Exposition, site of one of the two international orchid shows Taiwan hosted in March, ended its six-month run last week in grand fashion. Taipei celebrated its flower power showcase with a marathon all-day farewell gala that included a drum performance, several parades and 14,000 rounds of fireworks.
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A Tale of Two Shows
It seems only fitting that the country that calls itself The Orchid Kingdom would celebrate its centennial by simultaneously holding two international orchid shows. Taiwan, which was founded as the Republic of China in 1911 and was based on the mainland until 1949, did exactly that in two cities on opposite ends of the island for most of March.
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Maxillariella tenuifolia
This essay is dedicated to the memory of Eric Christenson, PhD who passed away in early April. Eric was a noted authority on Maxillaria and was continuing to describe new species up to his death.
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Fred Hillerman
Mr. Hillerman was born December 9, 1914, in Turlock, CA. He worked as a map maker for the oil companies in South America 1936 through 1941. He served in WWII with the US Army Air Force as an aerial reconnaissance photographer with service in India, Burma...
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Japan Tsunami
The March 11 earthquake in Japan is having a significant effect on Taiwan's orchid exports to one of its most important trading partners.
The modern Phalaenopsis has become a major cash crop for Taiwan
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Tolumnia variegata
Tolumnia variegata exists in large numbers in the Tibonee river valley on the island of Hispanola. There, it is virtually always found growing on the Caribbean Almond tree, Terminalia catappa. The Caribbean Almond tree grows extremely fast. A small sprout just three feet high can be...
Tolu. variegata growing on an Almond tree in Haiti, note the large leaves of the Almond tree.
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Orchid Named for Future Queen of Cambodia
It is a rare event when an orchid breeder has an opportunity to name an orchid after nobility. Art Chadwick relates his experience.
Above: The Buddhist temple where the presentation of Cattleya Yinneka Norodom was made. The white orchid can be seen just to the left of the right-hand lotus column. Photo by Arthur E. Chadwick.
February Announcements
Suwada Orchid Nursery was the exhibitor of this years' Grand Champion at the 2011 Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival (Tokyo Dome Show) with their spectacular plant of Coelogyne cristata var. hololeuca 'Pure White'. According to...
Shown above: C. Tropical Pointer 'Suwada' HCC/AOS. Hybrid by Suwada Orchids; grown by Canaima Orchids. Photo © Greg Allikas
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Jim Comber's Slide Collection
In his book Orchids of Sumatra, published in 2001 the author information tells us that "Jim Comber first learned to appreciate orchids whilst he was a student at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where, as part of the practical training in between lectures, he was put in charge of..."
Above: Pinalia multiflora (Blume) Kuntze
Orchid Stamps of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is an Island in the Indian Ocean separated from the Indian subcontinent by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. The climate of Sri Lanka is tropical and warm. Its position between 5 and 10 north latitude provides the country with a warm climate moderated by ocean winds and considerable moisture. The average yearly temperature ranges from 28 ºC (82.4 ºF) to nearly 31 ºC (87.8 ºF). In the central highlands night temperature...
Above: Phaius tankervillae

The orchid world has lost a number of noted members. Following are brief accounts of their lives and contributions.
Above: Aliceara Hawaiian Delight ‘Gary’s Giant Crownpoint’ FCC/AOS

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Preserving Madagascar's Orchid Heritage
La Société des Orchidophiles de Montréal has secured the National collection of Madagascan orchids from Marcel Lecoufle in France. Well over 200 Madagascan orchids, mostly angraecoid species selected for their qualities over many decades have been bought by the society and given to the Montreal Botanical Garden. The transfer of the collection from France to Canada will be made official before...
Above: Eulophiella rompleriana
Joyce Stewart
On 7 January 2011, the orchid world suddenly lost one of its true luminaries, Joyce Stewart FLS MBE VMH. Recipient of the AOS Gold Medal of Achievement and the RHS Victoria Medal of Honour (VMH), Joyce began her orchid career in earnest in 1970 with the publication of Orchids of Tropical Africa. Her name became synonymous...
Above: Angraecum sesquipedale
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2nd Guangxi International Orchid Symposium
The 6th Asian Orchid Conservation Symposium was held successfully in conjunction with the 2nd Guangxi International Orchid Symposium, in Nanning City, Guangxi, on 3rd- 5th November, 2010. The symposium was hosted and sponsored by the Forestry Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China and the Academic Committee of the Asian Orchid Conservation Symposium. Local governments... above: Calanthe vestita
Welcoming in the New Year
As we welcome in a new year, it is an appropriate time to assess the year behind us and make plans for the year ahead. Winter is not the season for orchid potting and we may be tempted to take a break from the daily and weekly routines of caring for our plants. Neglect though, can be an invitation for problems to turn from minor to major. If you are fortunate enough to own a greenhouse... Rossioglossum ampliatum brings a welcome splash of sunshine to the winter greenhouse.
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A Holiday Story
Cattleya percivaliana is sometimes called the "Christmas Orchid" because it generally blooms at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. This adaptable, easy-growing orchid makes a perfect intoduction to cattleyas. Here is a bit of holiday fiction about the species.
Above: Cattleya percivaliana in situ near Tachira, Venezuela. Photo, © Greg Allikas
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Winter Orchid Care
This past week brought record snow and cold temperatures to most of the US and more is on its way. The shorter and often dull days, along with cooler temperatures, affect our orchids in both good and...
Phalaenopis hybrids should be showing well developed flower spikes now for January and February bloom. Early bloomers make colorful holiday decoration.
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Orchid Symposium in Taiwan and APOC 10
In 2010 I was pleased to accept invitations to attend and lecture at the 1st International Orchid Symposium in Taichung, Taiwan and the 10th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference in Chongqing, China. Grand champion at the 10th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference: Cymbidium (Neutrino × lowianum). Photo: Holger Perner.
Late Fall Show Season
The cooler weather of autumn brings out the orchid flowers, and the orchid shows, to serve as a teaser before the full schedule of the winter-spring show season begins after the holidays. There are many fine orchids whose primary flowering season is October through December and most areas of... Shown above: The Delray Beach OS Show is a perrenial favorite orchid show held on Halloween weekend.
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Autumn on the Beach
It was a feast!! A feast that began with the most sumptuous Welcome Party in recent AOS memory; continuing with course after delectable course as world class speakers and A-list vendors sated the orchid appetites...
Above: Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry' FCC/AOS photographed on the cork tree at June's Orchid Estate. June Simpson hosted a party and barbecue in conjunction with the 13th Annual Slipper Symposium held earlier this month. Photo © Greg Allikas.
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2011 AOS Calendar
Color your world with orchids...The 2011 AOS calendar is now available! Featuring a baker's dozen tantalizing photographs by...
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Dillon-Peterson Essay 2010, last call
Time is runing out. This is your final reminder for the 2011 Dillon-Peterson Memorial Essay Contest. If you have only thought of writing a story, now is the time to leap into action. You might even win the prizey and have your essay published!
To help get us into the Halloween spirit, here is an essay by Rudolph Jenny introducing the genus Gongora, whose flowers resemble flocks of phantasmagorical creatures aflight.
Pictured above is Gongora chocoensis, described by the author in 1990. Photographed at the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory , Atlantic Botanical Garden. Photo © 2006 Greg Allikas.
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Garling, Martin, Ritterhausen, Ernst

The orchid world has lost a number of noted members. Following are brief accounts of their lives and contributions.

Cattleya schilleriana
Cattleya schilleriana is one of the most under-appreciated gems of the Cattleya Alliance, if not the entire orchid family. It is a small-growing member of the bifoliate tribe of cattleyas, which have two leaves on each pseudobulb. Mature plants of C. schilleriana are approximately 10 inches tall, individual flowers are about 4 inches across and...
Cattleya schilleriana 'Memoria Elmie McBride', AM/AOS; Exhib: The Little Greenhouse; photo: Bryan J. Ramsay
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Native Orchids of Québec/Labrador
The past few years have seen several new books relating to the wild orchids of Canada. They have essentially been field guides and vary from slender paperbacks on Newfoundland and Manitoba to the more extensive Wild Orchids of the Canadian Maritimes and Northern Great Lakes. After many years of painstaking photography and research, Beausejour has produced what is the most beautiful book on...
ORCHIDS magazine
2011 will be a year without equal in the annals of orchid history, as it will mark the 125th anniversary of the founding of the world's oldest orchid firm still in operation, Vacherot and Lecoufle of Boissy Saint Leger, France. Few American orchid growers today are familiar with this legendary company and the impact it had upon orchid culture in Europe, the United States and the rest of the world. Philippe Lecoufle, the fourth generation family member to operate the company, will be the keynote speaker at the fall Member's Meeting of the AOS next month in Virginia Beach, being held in conjunction with the Merritt Huntington Symposium. It is only fitting that Orchids devote a portion of this month's publication to this iconic orchid company. Since my early childhood, I have known the Lecoufle family and it is with great pride that I present to the orchid growers of the 21st century, a brief historical account of the venerable Vacherot and Lecoufle.
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Parting Shot
Parting Shots is becoming one of ORCHIDS magazine's most popular features. It is the place where we publish insights, inspirations and news tidbits from the orchid world. It is a place where we hope to surprise our readers. And we want you to be a part of it!
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The Pension Relief Act of 2006 made two important changes affecting tax-exempt organizations, effective the beginning of 2007. First, it mandates that virtually all tax-exempt organizations, other than churches and church-related organizations must...
Dillon-Peterson Essay 2010
Time to sharpen up those pencils and put on your thinking caps! The deadline is approaching for the annual Gordon W. Dillon - Richard C. Peterson Memorial Essay Contest. Don't wait until the last minute. The contest is open to all persons except employees of the American Orchid Society and their immediate families. You do not need to be an AOS member. The winner receives a cash prize and...
Catasetum sanguineum
As I sit writing this on the third day of September, our plant is about a week away from opening its greenish flowers. The World Checklist of Monocotyledons shows two varieties of Catasetum sanguineum, var. sanguineum and var. viride. While these names apparently represent the red and green color forms, the species may be...
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Call for Nominations
To fellow members of the American Orchid Society: Below please find the official call for nominations for trustees to stand for election to the Board of Trustees of the AOS in the spring of 2011. The Nominating Committee will meet in October 2010 at the Members Meeting in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to begin its deliberations, and will complete its nominations early in 2011, with a ballot to be mailed prior to the Spring Members Meeting in Shreveport, LA., April 27 -May 1, 2011. All members of AOS in good standing are eligible for election and members may nominate themselves or others.
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President's Communication, August
The foremost core value of the Society is membership education on the principles of growing orchids. This is the primary reason that this Society exists; it was founded on the desire of orchid hobbyists and commercial growers to meet and discuss methods of cultivating and...
Medellin Orchid Show 2010
The Medellin, Colombia Orchid Show this year coincided with the Bicentennial of Colombia's independence from Spain, the inauguration of Colombia's newly elected President and the annual "Feria de los Flowers" (Festival of Flowers) Parade. As you might imagine all of this in combination made for a hell of a party. The streets of Medellin were full and there was...
Shown above: Mtnps. vexillaria is a mainstay of Colombian orchid shows
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Warmingia eugenii
The World Checklist of Monocotyledons recognizes four species¹ in the genus Warmingia that range from Costa Rica south to Bolivia and Argentina's Misiones Province, home of Iguazu Falls. Warmingia eugenii is the type for this interesting genus in the Oncidiinae. This species...
shown above
The hills near Lagoa Santa where Warmingia eugenii  was discovered - Minas Gerais, Brazil
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The Stanhopea Book
I received a copy of Rudolf Jenny's monograph/treatise The Stanhopea Book. All I can say is wow! It must have been a labor of love. But this doesn't tell you anything about the book. Before you open a cover of this book, it should be remembered that Jenny is from Switzerland, and while he reads five languages... above: Stanhopea reichenbachiana Roezl ex Rchb.f
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The Shore Orchid Festival
After reading accounts of recent outstanding orchid activities in California, we wanted to share one from the East as well. The Shore Orchid Festival was...
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Sagarik Gets Gold
First, thank you to the organizers of this wonderful orchid show for allowing me the opportunity to address you. The American Orchid Society's highest award is its Gold Medal of Achievement and it's my great pleasure to be able to present one today. Over the past 86 years only 70 Gold Medals have been awarded which should give you some idea of how few individuals are selected for this prestigious honor.

Pictured above: Ascda. Motes Burning Sands 'Mary Motes' AM/AOS (V. lamellata x Ascda. Motes Goldpiece; grown by Motes Orchids. Photo: Greg Allikas

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Renewal Notice

Membership Renewals
In an unfortunate incident, the company we use for mailing our membership renewals sent them out last week with the wrong address on the return envelope. If you send in a check or credit card information using the supplied envelope, we will not receive your payment and your account will not be credited. New envelopes are being sent to members this week at no charge to us, but if you want to pay for your membership renewal immediately, please address a blank envelope to the address below and send your check. You may also make payment online by logging in at - MyAOS > View/Edit Profile > Billing.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

The American Orchid Society
16700 AOS Lane
Delray Beach, FL 33446-4351
Attn: Membership Services

Pictured above, Polystachya campyloglossa Rolfe,grown by Marni Turkel
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California Weekend in July
This summer California has been a hotbed of orchid activity. Last weekend orchid enthusiasts had the choice of two major Southern California orchid events. Some folks attended both! Shown above are the five winners of the first-ever Neofinetia falcata judging. Photo by Peter Lin.
Hamilton, Maduro, Riopelle, Wood

The orchid world has lost a number of noted members this year. Following are brief accounts of their lives and contributions.

Above: Pleurothallis maduroi 'Chiquita' CBR/AOS - Exhib: Joe & Rosalie Dixler - photo: Rhonda Peters

Cattleya tigrina
One of the pleasures of collecting Brazil's bifoliate cattleyas is that with the exception of the late autumn months, there are species in bloom throughout the year providing the grower with satisfying variations in color, form, fragrance and plant habit. Cattleya tigrina is surely one of the most satisfying.
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Special Issue
It is not often that we receive magazine content that is of such high quality that we wish we could devote a whole issue to it. But have a rather long, very excellent article that will not fit in a regular magazine...
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California Dreamin'
If you are ever in the bay area on the fourth Friday or first Tuesday of the month, make a point to attend a meeting of POS or SFOS. You will surely be impressed, as I was.
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Another Ghost Story
I have killed Geraniums. I am not even particularly lucky (the casinos love me)! This being said, surprisingly, I have been successful in growing and blooming the "Ghost Orchid" Dendrophylax lindenii. This year, to my amazement, seven flowers opened simultaneously. The nighttime fragrance is intoxicating.
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Ozette Coralroot
This rare orchid was discovered in 1967 and first described in 2001 by Mr. Ed Tisch of Port Angeles, Washington. It was found in one location in Clallam County on the Olympic Peninsula in the coastal forests of that county. It was thought, at the time of its discovery, to be...
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Redland International Orchid Festival
The Redland International Orchid Festival, held this past weekend, has become one of the favorite orchid events in the US. This festival marked the 14th year the event has been held. Scheduled for the weekend after Mothers Day, the Redland Festival closes out the spring show season...
Happy Birthday Carl
Carl Linnaeus (also known as Carolus Linnaeus, Carl von Linné, and Carl Linné) was a Swedish botanist who is known as the father of modern taxonomy. His system of classification, although much changed, is still in use today.
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Hardy Orchids
I was talking to Beth and Doug Martin at the recent Oklahoma Orchid Society show and AOS Spring Meetings and before long, a crowd had gathered to listen to what the Martins had to say. The show was of exceptional quality all around, but their exhibit was arguably the one that brought the most...
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Cattleya intermedia
Cattleya intermedia lives up to the title of this essay by truly being a collector's orchid in its native Brazil. Second only to that country's national flower, Cattleya purpurata¹, and perhaps challenged only by Cattleya walkeriana, C. intermedia is coveted in a myriad of color forms.
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Botanical Artists
The exhibition Illustrating Orchids at the Florida Museum for Women Artists presents 80 works by two botanical illustrators whose work is the epitome, not only of scientific illustration, but also of the creative perfection that makes these works great art. Blanche Ames Ames (1878 – 1969) and Marion...
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Special Magazine Supplement
It is not often that we receive magazine content that is of such high quality that we wish we could devote a whole issue to it. But have a rather long, very excellent article that will not fit in a regular magazine...
Clarkson, Neptune, Weltz
The orchid world lost a number of noted members in March. Following are brief accounts of their lives and contributions.
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1% for Orchid Conservation
The Orchid Conservation Coalition has just released their summary of activities for 2009 and it appears that despite the poor economy, it was a good year for conservation. The donation total for the year...
Perfumed Pleurothallids
People are often surprised to learn that some members of the Pleurothallid subtribe have fragrant flowers. What is lacking in numbers is made up for in quality. These delightful miniatures can posess sweet and floral, spicy, or even foul fragrances. Marguerite Webb surveys some small-growing orchids prized for their fragrant flowers. Shown above, Pleurothallis pterophora 'Lord Hotel', CHM/AOS; Exhib: Ann & Phil Jesup; photo, Charles Marden Fitch.
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Online Orchid Research
Icones Orchidacearum volumes 1-12 are now available on the Internet and includes both series: Orchids of Mexico and The Genus Epidendrum. Volume 12, the 8th on Epidendrum was published last December and...
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Taiwan International Orchid Show, 2010
In a show season packed with worthy events, the 2010 Taiwan International Orchid Show ranked high. On Friday, March 4th, the show commenced with an opening ceremony. Several dignitaries spoke, including...
Orchid Show Weekend
This past weekend saw the opening and closing of the 64th Miami International Orchid Show, as well as the opening of the New York Botanical Garden's orchid extravaganza. After a successful weekend...
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Japan Grand Prix 2010
The Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival 2010 was a glorious event and lived up to its reputation as the preeminent orchid show in the world. This year was the 20th anniversary celebration and the organizers went to great lengths to showcase previous shows and the grand champion plants from each of them...
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Website Additions
We are always updating, adding to and tweaking the AOS website. It is, and always will be, a work in progress. That is the nature of the web. We all use a particular website in our own way. Some of us like to browse while others visit a site for specific information - some do both! We would like to mention some recent 2010 additions and...
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Orchid Studies in Madagascar
A doctoral student in ecology and evolutionary biology, Kathryn Theiss, is one of 20 environmental scholars chosen as 2009 Switzer Environmental Fellows. Theiss has spent years monitoring the decline of two rare orchid species in Madagascar and analyzing the threats to their habitat
Botanical Study Tour
The orchid national park Yachang, Northwest Guangxi, with some of the largest known Paphiopedilum populations in Asia and the world-famous Karst landscape of South China...
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Cattleya maxima
During the Virreynato del Peru expedition, Hipolito Ruiz, Jose Pavon and Joseph Dombey collected Cattleya maxima. This trio comprised the first botanical group assembled to document the native plants for the famous Flora Peruviana etChilensis and arrived in Lima April 8, 1778. For 10 years they traversed the surroundings...
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A Foolproof Orchid
The jewel orchid Ludisia discolor contradicts the myth that orchids are not grown for their foliage. This adaptable terrestrial dazzles the eye year round with its colorful lustrous leaves. And when ready to bloom, the plant explodes with 12-inch-tall sprays of white flowers.
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Hold the Phone!
Don't throw your old unwanted electronics in the garbage, turn them into cash for the AOS. Help the environment, help the AOS. Product cycles move so quickly these days making today's device obsolete by next year. Gazelle makes it easy to recycle and raise cash by sending them your unwanted gadgets.
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Send Us Your Best
If you are an AOS member and you read Orchids magazine cover to cover, as you should, you will have noticed a feature we instituted this past year. We have designated the back inside page to be a "Parting Shot" And we want YOU to send us your best one!
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Lima, Peru Orchid Show
We are just a week or so away from the beginning of the 2010 orchid show season and as always, it promises to be a busy one. Hopefully we all saved a few extra pennies from holiday shopping to freshen up our orchid collections or buy much-needed supplies. Check out our online show schedule right here to find one near you. If you happen to live in a location where your local orchid show is still a few months away, don't despair. We are mere days away from launching our newly redesigned Orchid Source Directory that promises to make online shopping much easier for orchid hobbyists. To get you in the mood for orchid show going, read this review by Harry Zelenko of the fall show held in Lima, Peru. The show was held in a most unusual building in the Parque de la Amistad. The photo above shows the entrance in a composite with Cattleya maxima.
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What makes a Classic Orchid?
In a recent discussion, Jim Watson asked me what makes a classic Cattleya? I thought I had a ready answer but before answering I paused and realized what an interesting question to ask. We hear about classic cattleyas or odontoglossums or paphiopedilums. The question of what makes them a classic turns out...
Winter Orchid Tips
You can talk about the weather until the cows come home, but for most parts of the country, winter is in full swing. The midwest and eastern states have received their share of snow already. The shorter and often dull days, along with cooler temperatures, affect our orchids in both good and bad ways.
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